Luxury Designs created with Practical Budgets


Welcome to The Better Half!


The Better Half is an full-service Interior & Event Design Firm based in the Washington DC & Baltimore Metropolitan that provides no-nonsense, cost-efficient, professional and beautiful Interior Design, Event Planning, Staging, New Build and eDesign services to clients nationwide. 

"To put it plainly, Brit and Liz knocked it out of the park! They knew exactly what they were doing and pulled it off effortlessly. No one believes us when we tell them how much our project cost-- it appears at least triple the amount. Highly, highly recommend." -Fulton Project, Completion 2015

Why can't Design Services be affordable?

It's simple-- they can be. We strive to break the perception that design services are only for the ultra rich by creating alluring & affordable design projects on realistic budgets. To do so, we specialize in combining multiple, cost-efficient methods, expert experience, and our relationships within the design community to maximize each of our client's budgets, all the while providing beautifully decorated, functional and enchanting spaces & special events-- all without breaking the bank!

While cost is obviously a huge priority for our firm, functionality and creating exceptional designs are equally as important to us. Easily accessible storage, organization, child/pet-friendly spaces and inter-changeable pieces and accessories mean that for years after we are finished with your project, the room will remain a great investment as it sees your family through the changing stages of life.

Building your dream home, or looking to put your property on the market? We provide the same level of care in our New Build and Staging services. Real Estate can be overwhelming-- and tricky-- but with our help, our clients are able to sit back and enjoy the excitement that comes with a new, fancy address!

We invite you to take a stroll through our site, our blog and our social media pages and get to know The Better Half Team and all that we have to offer. We are sure you will love what you see, so to join our mailing list for updates and promotions, schedule a consultation, or to request more information, click here!