Liz Velisek, ASID, Co-Founder & Senior Designer

Liz Velisek, ASID, Co-Founder & Senior Designer

Established by Brit Lippert & Liz Velisek, The Better Half is a full-service design firm ready & able to tackle everything from Interior Design Projects & eDesign Boards to Staging & New Build transactions with professionalism, expertise, care & honesty.

We are affiliated with the ASID, NCIDQ and NKAB. Oh, and we're pretty awesome, too. Brit and Liz founded The Better Half to showcase their love, passion and talent for design and real estate, as well as to highlight their desire to change the way design services are viewed, and to make them accessible to the average family.

We are not your usual high-cost designers with inflated mark-ups who cater to only McMansions, Penthouse Suites and multi-million dollar affairs. Our firm strives to change the common view of design services being only obtainable for the wealthy, by proving that luxury designs can be achieved with practical budgets for the average American family. We absolutely believe that every home deserves a designer.

We also believe that a good design can only be great with true functionality. Pristine and untouchable formal living rooms of the past are gone! Sure, they were beautiful to show off when guests arrive, but were completely useless for the daily life of the average family. 

Brit and Liz both have children and husbands who work demanding jobs, dinners that must be made, taxi-services for their children to sports and activities, and lives that not only want and crave for true functionality, comfort and beauty in their homes, but demand it! 

Each design project we create is done so with functionality, and beauty, storage, comfort, style, interest and cost as priorities. We always attempt to utilize existing pieces within every client's home, and use interchangeable accessories, and quality materials to ensure that the space is beautiful and functional for years to come.

Brit Lippert, ASID, Co-Founder & Senior Designer

Our events are designed and executed in the same fashion-- with love, attention to detail, and always with cost in mind. Special celebrations shouldn't be spent with the host stressed over table settings, or worried about the caterer. Instead, we fill our expertly designed events with laugher on the dance floor, five-stair entertainment, delicious food and never-ending  beverages all around, and guests gushing to the host over the amazing venue and decor! 

Venturing into building a home or putting a property on the market can be an exciting, but scary and overwhelming time with the recent changes to our economy & real estate market. We have the experience and skills to be able to stage each property to highlight the positives, and hide any potential flaws. We work with contractors and builders each and every day, and between managing the construction site, and going through the countless details and decisions that come with a new build-- we make the process easy, relaxing and stress free. 

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