Client account portal

Welcome to our Client Portal! 

This a private section of our website that is only accessible to our current clients by a private link. Below you will find your account button, which is listed by your Client ID. Upon clicking on your account button, you will be asked to enter your account password which has been provided to you by email. 

Within your account you will have access to your invoices, current outstanding balances and have the option to pay these balances by Debit or Credit Card. Payments made through out Client Portal are processed through Stripe and subject to their convenience fees, terms & conditions. The fees charged by Stripe have already been added to your balance within the portal. Should you prefer to pay by check and bypass these fees, you may do so at any time, however, awaiting a payment to arrive by mail may cause a delay in order submission and processing by The Better Half &/or Vendors. Payments made through Stripe are processed and credited to retainer accounts immediately.

All of your documents, account information, balances and payment information are completely secure, and will be removed once your payment has been received. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 240-397-8112, or email us at 




To access your Client Portal Account,

please select the button that contains your Client ID.

you will need the password we provideD to access your account.


We welcome all client feedback and use it to improve our processes, communication and client satisfaction. Please select the survey option that describes the service you received. All submissions are 100% anonymous.