Join The better half Team!

We are constantly looking for amazing partnerships, employees, sub-contractors and interns to join our team. 


We are currently accepting Intern Resumes. The preferred candidate would be in their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year (or entering) in an Architect or Interior Design Major. Interns would likely have a work load of 6-12 hours per week, some of which may be completed digitally.


The Better Half maintains Partnerships with numerous companies and individuals in a number of fields. These Partnerships are extremely valuable to us, and the benefits allow us to offer our Clients the best possible products, services, professionals and pricing. We are always interested in joining with Vendors, Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Professionals, Builders, Architects, Real Estate Agencies/ Agents, Artists, Showrooms & more!

Once we have received your interest notification (below) we will contact you to discuss our company and review how a Partnership between us could benefit our Clients, your Clients and both of our businesses. 


We are actively seeking a Sub-Contractor that could assist us with project installations, as well as be a contact we could pass onto our Clients for services such as flooring/ lighting/ curtain installation, tile work, painting, etc. At least 90% of our Client's request recommendations for service professionals. Our current go-to Sub Contractor will be retiring within the next couple of months and we need to find a replacement as soon as possible. To express interest in this partnership, please click on the application form below. Once completed and submitted, we will contact you via email to discuss the opportunity.

*This is not an application for full, or part-time employment.*


Our team is full at this time, however, as our Client base and the size of our projects continue to expand, our team will also need to grow. We are always happy to accept and hold onto applications at all times. All applications will be held and considered in the order they were received when an opening arises. Please click the link below to complete our employment application. After submitting the application below, you may also email your resume to Resumes received WITHOUT prior application submission will be discarded.