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Thank you for your interest in our Interior Design &/or eDesign Services! Once your questionnaire has been submitted, we will contact you to schedule your In-Depth Consultation. 

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Digital Consultations are available for Clients who reside outside of the DC/Baltimore Metro OR Clients who's schedules will not currently permit an On-Site Consultation.
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We will try our best to offer appointments that fit within your schedule, however, our availability is dependent on our current project load and may be limited during busier times of the year. We will contact you via the email address provided to schedule your consultation appointment. Project timelines are subject to product availability, vendor shipping and freight times, payment submission & client cooperation

Consultations are required for all of our services and are charged at $80/hour. An additional Detailed Questionnaire will be completed during the In-Depth Consultation. Clients who request a Digital Consultation will be required to provide photographs, measurements and possibly a short video tour of their rooms/spaces prior to their Consultation Appointment.