On-Site & In-Depth Consultation- 1 Hour


On-Site & In-Depth Consultation- 1 Hour


All of our service begin with a 1-hour, on-site or digital (phone, email or video chat) and in-depth consultation.

During your consultation, the following areas will be reviewed:

-Create Project Breakdown

-Discuss and outline all Budgets (purchase or rental/staging budget & design fee budget)

-Take tour of property (at Venue for Special Event Consult, tour of current home for New-Build to discuss family functionality/storage needs, furnishings that will move to new home) or review photos/video tour for digital consultations

-Photographs, Video, Sketch (if applicable) & Measurements

-Discuss Timeline, Vendor Preferences, Furnishings Requested & Recommended

-Complete Client Questionnaire, Bio & Style Sheet

-Review Samples of 'Hard' Options (Painting, Flooring, Cabinetry, Tile, Counters, Molding, etc), if applicable

- Calculate & Discuss Design Fee Estimate/ Project Proposal

-Examine, Fill in Project Outline & Budget Information, and Sign Client Agreement and all other required documents

-Receive 1st Retainer/ Flat-Rate Package Payment

If your consultation exceeds 1-hour, we charge in 30-minute (half hour) increments. Any balance will be due at the completion of the consultation

NOTE:*If you reside outside of our service area (50-miles (or 1 hour of travel by car) from the Greater Washington DC/Frederick Metro area), or if a digital consultation would be more convenient, please select the 'Digital Consultation' option from from the drop down 'SERVICE' menu below.*

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Service Area & Travel

**In-Home Consultations are ONLY available within 50-miles (or 1 hour of travel by car) of the DC/Frederick Metro unless previously cleared by The Better Half. On-Site Consultations outside of our service area will be subject to an additional travel fee that is charged at our normal, flat rate of $90/hrfor all travel that exceeds 1 hour each way. Digital Consultations are recommended for clients outside of our service area, and are able to be purchased and scheduled through our website, or by phone and email. If an in-home consultation is preferred, please note that designers will only travel outside of the 50-mile range at the cost of the client. If you are unsure if your home or business is outside of the 50-mile limit, please send an email to info@betterhalfconsultants.com, or complete the contact form here.**

Fine Print

Our On-Site, In-Depth Consultations are for discussing and outlining projects that will be completed by the Design Team at The Better Half, LLC. There will be absolutely NO project-specific details, recommendations or plans provided until ALL required documents (Client Agreement) have been completed & signed and your payment has been received ( 1st retainer/ flat-rate package payment). If you are seeking general Design Guidance for a project YOU intend to complete DIY-style WITHOUT the continued assistance of a Designer or the Design Team of The Better Half, LLC, you would need to purchase a DIY Design Guidance Consultation Package. Our DIY Design Guidance Consultation Packages are sold at our flat & simple $80/hr rate and are available for purchase at 3-hour MINIMUM blocks for our Interior Design Services, Event Services & New-Build Services. For our Staging and eDesign Services, we already offer DIY-Style Packages. 

Online Processing Fees

All payments processed through our website are completed by Stripe.com and are subject to their processing fees. For our consultations, this fee is $3.00 and is included in the price listed (one hour consult is $90.00 + $3.00 processing fee = $93.00). These fees are charged by Stripe and cannot be removed from the sale. To avoid these fees, please contact brit@betterhalfconsultants.com for our mailing address. All payments must be received at least 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment or the appointment may be canceled.