"I get by with a little help from my friends"

Better Half follows the Beatles mantra that we can all get by...with a little help from others. We are the help you need to accomplish your goals. 


Let's face it, finance isn't for everyone. Better Half exists for all of the people who find finance overwhelming. We're the right "friend" for you if you've ever said or thought something like:

  • I'm just not a "numbers person"

  • My partner handles the "money stuff"

  • I'll figure out investing when I'm making more money/my loans are paid off

Better Half doesn't try to make you a financial expert. We believe in a strengths based approach to life: focus on your strengths, and partner with others whose strengths are, in  fact, your own weaknesses. Let us be the experts on finance, and let yourself be the expert on YOU.

Whether you're becoming independent for the first time, merging two independent people into one couple/financial partnership, or separating from a partnership back into your own independence again, we are here to help. With a little discipline, some support, and a smidge of math, we work to help you reach your better half. 

Investment advice offered through Better Half, a Registered Investment Advisor

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